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Forex trading can be a frustrating activity, and all too often a losing one. The next big system comes along regularly, people spend thousands of dollars, and still find themselves losing money.

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Now Toshko Raychev has brought a fresh system to the table. And the thing traders are most excited about right now is that he is offering his own trades to be copied. Toshko is a very successful fulltime trader with a 94% success rate, so this offer sounds too good to be true.

But Mr Raychev’s customers say it might actually be true.

Jennifer Sharp, who has followed Mr Raychev’s career and used his previous systems told us, “This development in the Forex trading world is amazing. Toshko is a pro trader, and actually won three global championships in a row. What he does works.”

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Mr Raychev has released other systems in the past, and says that technology is now making trading way easier and far less time consuming. This has made it possible to develop and release Mr Raychev’s Trade Command Centre, in partnership with the respected online trading company Tradeology.

Ms Sharp explained how the signals work. “A trader just places the exact same trades that one of the most successful traders on earth is trading in his own account in real time. You will get the exact same trades, and place the exact same entry and exit points. Toshko tells you exactly where to set your stop loss and take profit. It’s like having him trade for you because you simply copy and paste everything.”

Mr Raychev is holding a free webinar to explain how it all works. Beginners are welcome, as are experienced traders.

Anyone interested in learning more about Toshko and and his trades and systems in the Trade Command Center can register free at

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