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Celebrity Fitness Mogul Chris aka Dream Interview On Keeping Fit and Losing Weight

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What do you get when you come across an Ex-American Pro Football player and a man with a body that even Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was Mr. Olympia would be jealous of, personal trainer Chris A.K.A. Dream of course.

The Ex-American Pro Football Player said he is on a mission to help people reach their fitness goals. Chris A.K.A Dream says no matter what your fitness goals are, you can achieve them.

As an Ex=American Pro Football Player and a personal fitness trainer, Chris A.K.A. Dream knows exactly what is needed to get in shape, lose weight, and become healthier. So, once we got over feeling self-conscious meeting the man that looked like God himself had sculptured his body, we decided to talk about Bodybuilding, Fitness, weight loss and Much More

Chris A.K.A Dream Celebrity Fitness Trainer Says Stress Can Cause Weight Gain

Chris aka Dream, you were an American pro football player and now you are a fitness instructor, that is a big change of career, why did you change careers?

Everything has its end. Football eventually met its end, and in the mist of change I discovered the thing I loved to do the most was Right in front of me…it was just blinded by my love for the game.

You are a fitness trainer and a bodybuilder, for those that don’t understand, what is the difference?

I am A little bit of both. Fitness and bodybuilding is not to much far apart since part of fitness is bodybuilding. As a fitness trainer I help clients achieve a healthier lifestyle. while some are interested in looking the part others are more happier to just be on the track towards a healthier body. Serious Bodybuilding on the other hand means taking the body places that the average person would not…meaning a harder than normal diet, longer gym sessions, supplementation and so one.

Do you find yourself eating differently now to when you played American football?

Great question. I do find myself eating very differently compared to the days on the gridiron. The food is much healthier and is more tailored as opposed to just eating whatever was there.

chris aka dream fitness trainerThe world is going through a very tough time at the moment with COVID-19, and official organisations are reporting a huge increase in the number of people who are suffering mental health issues as a result. Can keeping fit help with mental health issues?

I personally can’t guarantee that training harder, being in the gym and building a great physique will help with those that suffer from mental health issues. I can say this…coming to the gym can possibly ease the issues that mental health brings on, and I say that because there are people that will listen in the gym. if you need to vent or even talk about your day to day struggle and that listening ear could possibly save a life.


So, can fitness help reduce stress levels?

Everybody reacts differently to everything what works for one may not work for the other. Fitness is known causes the body to become calm and relaxed as the work out drags on and speaking from personal experience fitness has help me when I felt stress at times and during difficult times by simply clearing the mind for the 2-4 hrs you are in the gym.


If someone is stressed all the time, can this put weight on them?

Yes. Becoming overly stress can cause massive weight gain and other complications as the body begins to enter depression.


35.6% of the UK population are overweight, and 39.6% of Americans are overweight or obese, why are those figures so high?

Simple reason is the food they eat on a daily basis and the lack of physical health care people have for themselves.

chris aka dream fitness interviewChild obesity is increasing, do you believe the increase is down to affordability. Do you believe that parents with more money in their pockets are able to feed their children healthier food compared to those parents who struggle financially?

I personally say no. I mean of course the wealthy parents will be able to purchase more healthier food, but to say that stops the less fortunate from eating healthy I would disagree for the fact that there are pantries, and other programs that help support parents in need of healthier food for children.

Chris aka dream american football playerSome people go to the gym three times a week and struggle to lose weight, why is that?

The reason behind that could be the diet. I have plenty of clients that I personally train three times a week that lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle.


How long should someone who is looking to lose weight spend in a gym?

If he/she is truly looking to lose weight I would recommend two hours the most. Great weight loss is about your diet, cardio, and weighted cardio.


Is there a major difference between women and men, in regards to establishing a workout routine?

Yes. I don’t believe in same routines for each client because everybody is a different body, especially between woman and men routines must be different.


Recently there has been lots of online advert by companies claiming you can eat what you want and still lose weight, is this really true?

I wouldn’t buy into these faulty companies these days everybody makes promises threw advertising and won’t be able to deliver the body your really looking for. 10 out of 10 it’s a catch or all smoke and mirrors

Chris A.K.A Dream, I was having a chat with a Doctor friend of mine recently who said if you are trying to lose weight and don’t eat then you will put on weight as your body thinks you are starving. I have to admit, this really doesn’t make sense. Can you explain?

Yes! this is true. Excess calories are stored through out your body as fat. The body stores this within specialized fat cells, that are always present though out the body or by creating more.


Why is it important for people to stay fit?

It’s important to stay fit for you, your self-esteem, and your health. Take in to account that you only get one body care for it as best as you can.


A lot of people will join a gym and then stop going, a lot of people say this is down to body confidence, and looking around and seeing people with better bodies than them, how can people get over that?

This often happens a lot especially in the beginning of every new year. Joining a gym is all about you and your goal and not the guy/girl that’s already achieved his desired look. You must remember and not forget your goal and why did you join in the first place. Rome was not built in a day remember that.


If someone was scared to go to a gym, can they train at home?

Exercising at home is a great way to begin for some people you have all the equipment necessary. but eventually going to the gym will become a must to really see Great change in the physique and actually seeing others that might inspire and motivate you to push farther.

 Chris A.K.A Dream Believes Anyone Can Lose Weight And Achieve Their Fitness Goals

If a client came to you wanting to lose weight, what is the first thing you would do with them?

The first thing for all clients are what we called evaluations. Once we get passed that stage then we can focus more on weight loss and all fitness related goals.


If you could choose just one fitness machine for a person to lose weight, what would it be?

I would always choose the stair master over and over because of its capabilities.


As well as helping people to become healthier and lose weight, you are also helping bodybuilders, how are you helping them?

Bodybuilders are more so on another level as they prep for shows and pro debuts. Helping them achieve their stage look can be challenging but it also well worth it.

You are gaining a huge reputation as a fitness trainer, how are you different from other trainers?

I tend to go above and beyond. It’s not always about money for me, its more so about elevating my clients to place’s they have never been.


For people in the USA who want to train with you, how do they contact you?

I can be contacted on Instagram @itsdreamsworld or by Email [email protected]

interview with chris aka dreamWhat about those in the UK and around the world, do you offer training for them?

Yes I offer training to all that are willing to and dedicated to achieving the physique they desire. As virtual training becomes more and more possible opportunities for more clients become endless

For more information on Chris A.K.A Dream, please visit https://www.instagram.com/itsdreamsworld

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