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Will Grantham MP Gareth Davies Lose His Seat At The General Election

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  • Conservative MP for Grantham and Stamford could lose his seat at the next General Election


The next General Election is set to take place in May 2024, but will Gareth Davies still be representing the people of Grantham and Stamford after some voters feel betrayed.

Grantham MP Gareth Davies followed like a sheep with the other Lincolnshire Conservative MPs when asked to back Boris Johnson social care tax.

The new social care tax which has been passed will see National Insurance contributions rise. Boris Johnson has said this will help the NHS, but in reality, it will see more people in Grantham on the bread line thanks to Gareth Davies.

We went out on the streets in Grantham and spoke to 200 residents with most of them feeling betrayed by Gareth Davies actions.

Out of the 200 we had spoken to, 180 of them said Gareth Davies should try living in the real world, with 170 of them refusing to vote for him at the next General Election.

The general feeling with those that we spoke to in Grantham was that Gareth Davies had betrayed them and did not think about those who voted for him at the last election.

One man who works for the NHS told us that he would not be voting for Gareth Davies or a Conservative Government at the next General Election. The student nurse who did not wished to be named said he had always voted for the Conservative party but now felt betrayed.

“My family have always voted for the Conservatives. But now, most of my family have said they will never vote for them again. I personally feel that the country is being run by a man who has no shame or understanding of the real world or how important the NHS is.”

When asked how he felt with Grantham MP Gareth Davies voting for an increase in National Insurance, he simply replied that he was disgusted.

A mother of two who works part time, but her husband works full time said the Conservative party do nothing, but break promises and lie. When asked how she felt about Gareth Davies voting for an increase in National Insurance, she replied he should try living on her family’s weekly income.

“Gareth Davies does not care about those who voted him in. If you look at all the Lincolnshire MPs, none of them thought about how hard it is for people and they all voted in favour of the rise to keep Boris happy. I cannot wait for the next General Election to get rid of Gareth Davies and Boris Johnson.”

We came across a lot of angry people in Grantham, all of which want to see the back of Gareth Davies. Once said that the Grantham Conservative MP had no backbone while another said he did not know what it was like to struggle.

It seems that none of the ten Greater Lincolnshire MPs care for the working class. Each of the MPs voted in favour of the increase, showing none of those MPs live in the real world.

All ten Greater Lincolnshire MPs followed Boris Johnson like sheep and backed the National Insurance increase.

The next General Election could see Lincolnshire with the least number of Conservative MPs in recent history after Lincolnshire people are becoming fed up of being lied to and betrayed.

Parliament voted on Boris Health and Social Care Levy on Wednesday, September 8. Boris Johnson brought in the new tax to help the NHS recover from the COVID pandemic. However, there was no mention in the millions that was wasted by the Conservative government and contracts being given to friends and donors.

Those earning below £9,564 will not be affected.

The ten Conservative MPs who betrayed their voters and voted in favour of Boris Johnson new tax were:


    Victoria Atkins, Louth and Horncastle – Conservative

    Gareth Davies, Grantham and Stamford – Conservative

    Rt Hon Sir John Hayes, South Holland and The Deepings – Conservative

    Dr Caroline Johnson, Sleaford and North Hykeham – Conservative

    Rt Hon Sir Edward Leigh, Gainsborough – Conservative

    Karl McCartney, Lincoln – Conservative

    Matt Warman, Boston and Skegness – Conservative

    Martin Vickers, Cleethorpes – Conservative

    Lia Nici, Great Grimsby – Conservative

    Holly Mumby-Croft, Scunthorpe – Conservative


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