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Vanessa Feltz Talks About Ex-Boyfriend Flirting In Skegness

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Vanessa Feltz Opens Up About Split from Ben Ofoedu on Celebs Go Dating

The This Morning agony aunt revealed how her ex-boyfriend Ben Ofoedu admitting to flirting with a woman in Skegness while performing at Butlins Holiday Camp.



Skegness News. In a recent episode of the hit reality show Celebs Go Dating, television presenter Vanessa Feltz candidly discussed her split from her former partner, Ben Ofoedu.

The 61-year-old host, known for her agony aunt segment on This Morning, revealed that she hadn’t been on a date in 17 years and expressed her feelings about the end of her 16-year relationship with the Phats & Small singer.

Feltz’s honesty about her experiences resonated with viewers, shedding light on the challenges of starting over after a long-term partnership. In this article, we delve into Feltz’s revelations on Celebs Go Dating and explore her thoughts on love, trust, and the future.

Addressing her recent breakup, Feltz told the camera: “Once the trust in a relationship has been thoroughly nuked, you really can’t get it back again even if you try and I did try.”

“I never wanted single life, is the truth, I don’t like it and I fear it.”

“I want someone who is worth investing your time – and ultimately your badly broken heart – in.”

Back in February, Feltz took to Instagram to inform her followers about the end of her relationship with Ofoedu. Multiple allegations of infidelity had emerged, leading to the collapse of their 16-year partnership.

The presenter expressed her deep hurt and dismay over the situation, stating that she was worried about the future. Despite the pain, Feltz remained determined not to let the breakup defeat her.

During the first episode of Celebs Go Dating, Vanessa Feltz revealed that she had been single for exactly 20 weeks, five weeks, and about eight hours. With a touch of humour, she acknowledged that she wasn’t counting or anything.

Feltz emphasized the difficulty of rebuilding trust in a relationship once it has been shattered, expressing her belief that it becomes nearly impossible to regain that trust, no matter how hard you try. She confessed that she never wanted to be single and that she feared it, longing for someone worth investing her time and heart in.

As the episode progressed, Feltz attended a mixer with other celebrities, including Love Island’s Adam Collard, Made In Chelsea’s Mark Francis, and Lottie Moss, half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss.

Feltz later appeared on This Morning, where she discussed the challenges of dating. She likened a bad date to wading through treacle, emphasizing the difficulty of finding a genuine connection. However, Feltz remained hopeful, believing that when you meet the right person, it can be effortless. She acknowledged that dating is a numbers game and encouraged others to persevere.

In the aftermath of their breakup, Ofoedu admitted to breaking Vanessa Feltz’s trust. He confessed to having had sex three times with another woman he met while on tour with his band, Phats & Small.

Vanessa Feltz boyfriend cheated in Butlins Skegness

The woman, feeling guilty, contacted Feltz to expose the affair after Ofoedu wanted to end it. Feltz forgave him, but Ofoedu later admitted to sexting another woman he met through Instagram. He also confessed to flirting inappropriately with a third woman while performing in Skegness.

Ben Ofoedu said his last conversation with Vanessa Feltz was to say how wonderful she was.

He said: “My last conversation with Vanessa was me saying how wonderful she was, how she was the love of my life, and saying how much I loved her and that I’m so, so sorry it’s happened. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.”

Vanessa Feltz made it clear that she had no choice but to end her relationship with Ofoedu. She took three weeks off social media before announcing the split, during which she reflected on the situation.

Feltz and Ofoedu initially met in 2005, shortly after her divorce from Michael Kurer. They got engaged a year later but remained engaged until their recent split.

Feltz has two children, Allegra Kurer and Saskia Kurer, from her previous marriage. Throughout their 16-year relationship, Feltz and Ofoedu faced ups and downs, but ultimately the trust issues proved insurmountable.

Despite feeling incredibly sad, disappointed, and shocked, Vanessa Feltz expressed her determination not to let the breakup define her. She remained grateful for her life and committed to seeking joy, fun, and laughter wherever she could find it. Feltz acknowledged the challenges ahead but was resolute in her decision to move forward.

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