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E4 Embarrassing Bodies Looking For Lincolnshire volunteers

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  • Lincolnshire volunteers wanted to appear on E4 Embarrassing Bodies


E4 Embarrassing Bodies that deals with medical issues that some find embarrassing has put a call out asking for anyone living in Lincolnshire including Skegness, Boston, Grantham, Gainsborough, and Boston to come on the show.

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The show is set to return in 2022 and will be moving from its normal Channel 4 slot to E4.

The producers are looking for people in Lincolnshire who find their problem to embarrassing to talk to their GP to come on the show.

Clemency Green, the commissioning editor said: “There is no condition too big, too small or embarrassing for our brand-new team of unflinching experts.

“The original run on Channel 4 made waves in helping to empower people to check their bodies and seek medical assistance without shame, so I can’t wait to once again be confronted, fascinated and informed on the many and varied problems that walk into our new clinic.

“With ‘Doctor Google’ being the first port of call for many people with embarrassing ailments, I hope this new series will offer some comfort, crucial medical advice and encourage them to seek help where needed.”

New medical professionals will be joining the show and looking forward to helping people who are too afraid to approach their own GP.

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