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North East Lincolnshire COVID infection Rates Drop

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  • North East Lincolnshire infection rates drop as Greater Lincolnshire sees an overall COVID rise


Some good news for a change for North East Lincolnshire. Today we can report that North East Lincolnshire COVID rates are dropping.

For the first time, North East Lincolnshire which includes Cleethorpes is not in the top three Greater Lincolnshire authorities for the highest COVID rates. `Although this is great news for North East Lincolnshire, the worrying news is cases are still rising in Greater Lincolnshire.

Official figures from the Government have revealed that six out of the nine local Lincolnshire authorities have seen a rise in COVID cases. The region’s average across all council areas have increased from 303.7 per 100,000 population to 323.3.

North East Lincolnshire COVID rates have fallen from 356.4 to 327.6. Previously, North East Lincolnshire was 127th highest area with COVID cases, but now this week it is 193rd.

Other areas in Greater Lincolnshire who have seen a decrease in COVID rates are South Kesteven and West Lindsey.

South Kesteven has seen a drop from 326.1 to 271.6, and West Lindsey has also seen an impressive drop from 292.1 to 224.7 

Bad news for Lincoln. They have seen a rise in cases, and they have gone from the 140th highest in the country to 123rd. That has put them as number one for the highest number of COVID cases in Greater Lincolnshire. East Lindsey and South Holland are in the top three local councils with the highest COVID rates.



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