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Cleethorpes Voters Slam Martin Vickers Over PM Party Claims

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  • Martin Vickers calls PM knowledge of party ‘fanciful’


Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers has come under fire once again for his response to Christmas Party that was held at number ten last year.

While Boris Johnson has failed to acknowledge time and time again that a party took place, he was yesterday embarrassed when new evidence came to light.

MP Martin Vickers has come out in support of Boris Johnson and said that it is “fanciful” to suggest that any parties would take place in No 10 without the PM’s authority or knowledge.

The MP for Cleethorpes has suggested that if a party took place, then it would have been between staff members and not politicians.

“10 Downing Street is a warren of passages and small offices and what I suspect is the case is that staff in one or two of those offices got together for a Christmas drink.

“The idea that this would have taken place with the Prime Minister’s authority or even his knowledge is fanciful,” he told Gi Media.

Martin Vickers has said that he does condemn any restriction breaches, saying: “if it took place in contravention of the restrictions that were in force at the time that is wrong and senior staff should have stepped in.

“However, on the basis of the buck stops with the PM I welcome that he has apologised and instructed the Cabinet Secretary to investigate and take the appropriate disciplinary action,” he continues.

However, since Martin Vickers gave a statement, we have received emails from angry Cleethorpes residents who have said Martin Vickers needs to show some backbone and demand a police investigation.

For the past two days we have been asking our readers in the Greater Lincolnshire area about their response to Boris Johnson handling of COVID and the party allegations, and the response was not good.

8 out of ten people we spoke to said they would not vote for a Conservative MP at the next General Election, which means Greater Lincolnshire could see a wave of new Labour MPs


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