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Cleethorpes To Be Transformed With New Watersports Centre

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  • New Watersports centre to launch in Cleethorpes


Since the loss of the carnival and then Pleasure Island closing down, many local businesses in Cleethorpes were worried about their future. Now it seems things are looking up with approval of a new Watersports Centre.

The new watersports centre which will be made from shipping containers is portable. It can easily be packed up and moved to a new location. This type of structure has not been tried before in Cleethorpes.

It will be built on the seafront where Savoy Amusement arcade use to be. It will have three storeys and will include a café and restaurant, and also a shop. There will be a glass front allowing people to look right out to see.

“Ebb and Flow” who are behind the watersports centre have said it will provide kayaking, paddle boarding and other watersports.

Owners Toni and Vince Weavers have said they believe the new Cleethorpes watersports centre will provide a significant boost for tourism.

Local business owners in Cleethorpes who we spoke to have agreed. They believe it will be a huge boost for the area.

One business owner said they hope this is the start of the future. The business owner who did not wished to be named said that the council have promised for many years to provide investment for the area and introduce things to boost tourism.

“North East Lincolnshire Council have promised so much over the years and have never delivered. We are promised things all the time, but all these promises are just dream that never happen.”

It is hoped that with the new watersports centre that other investors will come to Cleethorpes and open new attractions.

When we spoke to holidaymakers in Cleethorpes about the new watersports centre, they were all for it.

Claire Jones from Liverpool said she had been coming to Cleethorpes for many years and was excited at the prospect of a new attraction for the area.

“I come once a year with my husband and stay on Thorpe Park. My grandchildren stopped coming with us now because they say there is nothing for them to do in Cleethorpes. Hopefully, with the new watersports centre they will start coming with us again.”

If the new watersports centre does go ahead, then 2022 could be the start of the future for Cleethorpes

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