Monday, January 17, 2022

Cleethorpes Armed Forces To Return In 2022

  • Armed Forces Weekend set to return next year


Due to the Covid pandemic, and the rising cases of Covid, this year’s Cleethorpes Armed Forces weekend was sadly cancelled. But now, it has been revealed Armed Forces weekend will go ahead in 2022.

Organisers have said that next years Cleethorpes Armed Forces weekend will be bigger and better. It will entail the normal and amazing armed forces parade.

Armed Forces weekend has always been a huge attraction in Cleethorpes. It attracts tens of thousands of visitors from across Lincolnshire and beyond. It is hoped that next year’s event will be as successful as previous years.

Unlike previous years, next years Armed Forces weekend will be very different. The plan according to the organisers is to bring back the much-missed Cleethorpes Carnival Parade.

Organisers want to combine Armed Forces weekend and the Cleethorpes Carnival under the new name, Cleethorpes Community Festival.

The date the organisers are looking at for next years event is June 24 to June 26.

It is hoped that by combining the two events, the weekend will attract a large audience. The new event has been welcomed by many. However, not everyone is convinced.

We have spoken to some local Cleethorpes businesses who have mixed feelings. Some are glad that the two events are returning, but others feel the two events should be separated.

One local Cleethorpes business who did not wished to be named said: “I would like to see the two events separated. After the past couple of years, we need to see as many people come to Cleethorpes as possible. We need lots of events being held in Cleethorpes. Combining the two events will mean a busy weekend, and then other weekends not so busy. It does not make sense.”

Another local Cleethorpes business agreed. They explained North East Lincolnshire Council should be looking at holding lots of different events to boost tourism.

“Although I welcome the idea of Armed Forces weekend coming back and the Carnival, why hold it in the same weekend. It would be like holding The FA Cup and Wimbledon together at the same venue. We need the two events bringing back but at different weekends.”

The general feeling is relief that there will be a boost in tourism in 2022. However, some businesses would like to see more events being held instead of different events being crammed into one weekend.



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