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Michael Jackson shocking request hurts family

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Michael Jackson family wanted Michael Jackson to be left alone but also wanted the truth about his death and were delighted when the news broke that Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray was facing criminal charges over his death but now that good news had brought unhappiness among the Jackson family after Conrad Jackson is demanding that Michael Jackson body is exhumed.

Conrad Murray is desperate to beat the murder charge, he is desperate not to spend a day in prison and is trying everything to show the world and the courts that he is innocent and it does not matter how much hurt it brings to the Jackson family, he wants to be proven innocent of administering a fatal dose of the powerful propofol drug to the King of Pop.

The Jackson family are horrified at the request and cannot believe the hurt the doctor is prepared to put Michael Jackson children through as well as the whole of the Jackson family.

“As the seven-month-long investigation wraps up with Dr. Murray is clearly locked in the crosschairs, I’m sure his attorneys are considering a number of last-ditch strategies, including digging up Jackson’s body to confuse the issue,” retired FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Ted Gunderson told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

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“Murray’s defence will likely suggest the propofol was the least of the singer’s problems.

“How many other doctors prescribed medicine to Michael over the years? They’ll ask this to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.

“Murray’s defence would likely argue that Jackson’s drug addiction over the years is what made him vulnerable and Dr. Murray had only known him for a few weeks.

“There’s so much damning evidence against Murray for propofol, but his lawyer could downplay that medication and point at other drugs and other doctors — anything to cast doubt in the jurors minds.

“Of course, the prosecution will fight against any exhumation, but a cautious judge may decide that digging up Jackson for a fourth autopsy is the best way to answer key questions once and for all and avoid having any jury overturned.”

Fans have been bombarding Michael Jackson fan sites calling the request disgusting and cannot believe that the doctor will not allow the King of Pop to rest in peace while other fans are calling for the death penalty.

The Jackson family are consulting their legal team to look into the matter and to try and make sure that the request is not granted.

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