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Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton Splits From Husband

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Atomic Kitten is heartbroken after her marriage to husband Riad Erraji has ended after six years of marriage after he moved out of the family home three weeks ago.

The mum of three has told The Mirror that she is devastated that her marriage has ended and said she believed she would be married to Riad for the rest of her life.

Natasha Hamilton who is the lead singer of Atomic Kitten as well as a very successful business woman said that there was no one else involved and simply said, “we both fell out of love with each other”

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The singer said it was a devastating moment when they had to sit their children down and explain that mummy and daddy would no longer be living together.


‘Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton Splits From Husband But Says No One Else Was Involved In marriage Breakup’

Natasha who has recorded a new single with the rest of the girls from Atomic Kitten said Kerry Katona, 32, and Liz McClarnon, 32, were helping her through the marriage break up and have been a tower of strength.

She said: “They’re being really supportive, texting and calling me to make sure I’m okay. They can’t offer any advice because they’re not in my relationship but they’ve been there for me.”


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Natasha said that it has been a tough year but is glad that Atomic Kitten are back together and making great music.

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