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The Number of COVID Cases In Boston Have Increased

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  • COVID-19 Cases in Boston has increase this week

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Boston has recorded a total of 7,457 cases. Since12th September, there has been 185 cases reported.

Boston is not the only area in Lincolnshire that has seen a rise in COVID cases. Lincoln has seen an increase of 375, while South Holland has recorded 358 COVID-19 cases.

The number of COVID-19 in Lincolnshire has increased. The number of cases reported in the past week is 3,587. That means since the pandemic began, Greater Lincolnshire has recorded 104,600 cases.

Some health experts believe that there should be another lockdown before winter sets in. However, Boris Johnson is refusing to consider another lockdown.

Broken down, Lincolnshire has reported a total of 68,706 cases (up 2,395 in a week), North-East Lincolnshire has seen 19,621 cases (up 566), and North Lincolnshire has witnessed 16,273 cases (up 626).

At lower tier local authority level, Boston has recorded a total of 7,457 instances (up 185 in a week), East Lindsey has seen 11,834 (up 517), Lincoln has witnessed 11,779 (up 375), North Kesteven has reported 9,627 (up 375), South Holland has recorded 7,979 (up 358), South Kesteven has seen 12,158 (up 365), and West Lindsey has witnessed 7,872 (up 220).

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