Saturday, May 28, 2022

New Poundland opens in Boston

The new Poundland Store replaces the old Boston Store

  • The New Poundland store has opened in Boston former Marks and Spencer shop.


The new Poundland store which opened this morning (October 16) in Boston has taken over the former Lincolnshire’s Marks and Spencer shop which closed in April 2019.

It was due to open on October 9th, but due to delays it has now opened today and has already become a huge success.

At a time when shops on the high street are closing down, the new Poundland store is a welcome addition to the area.

The new store has created 21 jobs. With 13,000 square feet, it has plenty of floor space to stock the normal Poundland range, and also includes PEP&CO clothing and homeware ranges. Frozen food is also being sold.

The new Poundland store replaces the smaller Poundland store in the town which closed yesterday.


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