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Boston Man Who Tried To Rape Woman Jailed

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  • Lincolnshire man who tried to rape drunk woman jailed


A 26-year-old Boston Man has been jailed after being found guilty at Lincoln Crown Court for trying to rape a drunk woman.

Robert Hugel of Hartley Street, Boston was caught on CCTV trying to rape a drunk woman on a Boston Street.

According to Robert Hugel, he had no memory of the incident that took place.

Lincoln Crown Court heard the woman was saved from being raped by a witness who had been keeping an eye on the victim from her bedroom window, after she noticed the intoxicated woman lying on the ground.

The Court heard the witness first became aware of the victim shortly after 4am on Sunday, August 1 after she was woken by screaming.

David Outterside, prosecuting, said the witness looked out of her bedroom window in Silver Street and noticed the woman lying on the ground.

“She was lying on her back, mumbling and groaning,” Mr Outterside explained.

Mr Outterside explained to the court that the witnessed continued to keep an eye on the victim and notice two people checked on her before leaving her on her own.

A short while later, the witness heard an East European voice speaking to the intoxicated woman in broken English.

“He was telling her he was going to help her, that she needed to go home.”

Mr Outterside said the witness continued to check on the woman and noticed her clothing had been pulled down and her buttocks were exposed when she looked out of the window again.

She also noticed the defendant’s trousers had now been pulled down and his buttocks were exposed, with him positioned behind the woman.

Mr Outterside said: “The witness shouted to her partner ‘I think he is going to rape her,’ and thankfully ran into the street dialling 999.”

According to Mr Outterside, Robert Hugel who first came to the UK in 2017 was with the victim for around ten minutes

According to Tara McCarthy who was defending Robert Hugel, he could not explain his actions after going to help the woman.

Lincoln Crown Court jailed Robert Hugel for four years and ten months on Tuesday, and he must register as a sex offender for life.


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