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Boston Barrier Floodgate Was Activated At The Weekend

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  • Boston Barrier floodgate closes for first time


Due to warnings of a high tide, Boston Barrier Floodgate was closed for the first time and successful protected the Lincolnshire town from flooding.

Although the Boston Barrier which was completed last year has been tested each month, this was the first time that it was closed due to a flooding alert.

The Environment Agency released a statement and said the 300-ton floodgate was closed as a precaution due to the high tide warning.

It said closing the gate had left a difference of 3.8m (12ft) between the upstream and downstream water levels.

A spokesman for the Environment agency said it was closed at 04:45 GMT but the peak had since passed, adding: “We will begin opening the barrier again when tidal levels have dropped to match the river.”

The Boston Barrier was built to protect 14,000 homes from flooding 800 properties were flooded in 2013.

The impressive flood defence barrier takes just 20-minutes to be raised and is a vital line of defence.

Boston Barrier project director Adam Robinson said: “It is a significant event at the end of the day, as we all know climate action is required moving forward.

“That is part of why we have invested in Boston and the surrounding area, because of those terrible floods in 2013.

“This provides us with that level of protection to everybody in the area.”

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