Best Vegan Shampoos and Conditioners That Are Cruelty Free

Vegan Shampoos and Vegan Conditioners that make your beauty routine animal friendly. More people are becoming a vegan, not just to stop cruelty to animals but for health reasons too.

2020 has seen more people switching to veganism than in previous years. They want to lead a cruelty-free-lifestyle and explore other types of food they can eat. One recent well-known celebrity that has turned his back on meat is Robbie Williams.


What are the best natural vegan shampoos and conditioners brands in the UK?


Veganism is more than just turning your back on meat and animal products; it is also about turning your back on products that affect animals. Thousands of cosmetics that are being sold on the high street are tested on animals or use animal by-products; these are unsuitable for vegans.

When looking for cruelty free shampoos it’s important to read the product carefully. Some shampoos which claim to be vegan shampoos may contain animal by-products.


The list of Vegan Shampoos and conditioners are free of animal-derived ingredients.


Garnier Ultimate Blends Almond Crush Shampoo

The Garnier Ultimate Blends Almond Crush Shampoo is one of the best cruelty free shampoo products on the market. It is a vegan shampoo that combats the daily damage caused to the hair from all weathers.

The shampoo not tested on animals contains organic almond milk which comes from Spain and contains organic agave soap from Mexico. The silicone-free and lightweight formula provides the hair with a silky smooth and soft finish.


Big Sea Salt Shampoo

Big Sea Salt Shampoo is one of the best-known vegan shampoos. This animal free shampoo contains sea salt which adds volume to tired tresses, while the coconut oil softens the hair. We really like this shampoo due to the great finish it provides the hair.


Black Castor & Shea Replenish Shampoo

If you are looking for shampoos not tested on animals and have weakened hair, then the Black Castor & Shea Replenish Shampoo is the perfect option.

The Black Castor & Shea Replenish Shampoo is Superdrug’s own brand. It contains castor oil, Shea butter, and plant keratin counteract. It has gained a positive reputation for helping people who want to use vegan shampoo with breakages and damaged hair.


Strawberry Clearly Glossing Shampoo

Another vegan shampoo UK product which comes from the Body Shop is Strawberry Clearly Glossing Shampoo. This product comes highly recommended from vegans and non-vegans.

The Body Shop Strawberry Clearly Glossing Shampoo can give hair a new lease of life. The silicone-free shampoo helps to detangle knotted hair. It is enriched with Italian strawberries and smells really nice.


Pureology Purify Shampoo

The Pureology Purify Shampoo is a shampoo cruelty free shampoo contains a range of ingredients that include a blend of chamomile, aloe, rosemary and tea tree oil. The shampoo is made with colour-treated hair in mind. It carefully cleans the hair while keeping that fresh look.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Sensitive Scalp Shampoo

For those people who have sensitive scalps with fragile, fine hair, then the L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Sensitive Scalp Shampoo is the perfect option.

The vegan shampoo contains organic lavender, soya and coconut essential oils. It helps to sooth the scalp and helps weakened hair become hydrated and soft. As well as the shampoo being 100 per cent vegan, the packaging is made from recycled materials which is a huge bones.