Sunday, May 22, 2022

Titanic Tourism Industry: RE-DESIGNED AND RE-DEFINED

Marking the hundred years of the Titanic comes with great and unique ideas. The tourism industry is at its advantage to revitalize the titanic experience for the world at large. Restaurants, theatres, museums and so much more have been named after the great titanic. Now comes a liner just like the Titanic to pay tribute to the makers of the original Titanic. This titanic cruise is being built by the multi billionaire Clive Palmer of Australia. He plans to build it and set her sail on her maiden voyage in the 2016.

RMS Titanic was built by the famous Harold and Wolff of the Titanic Northern Ireland. The architects worked hard on its designs with respect to the aesthetics and its beauty.   The ship set sail on her maiden voyage from England towards New York in 1912. But God’s plan was different for the liner. Travelling at 13.5 knots the ship hit an ice-berg. The decision to reverse the engines could not do much as the damage was done. The picture was not entirely bleak to some at the calls of emergency to climb in the life boats. But it was not long to realize the criticality as the ship broke down and soon headed deep inside the ocean.

The titanic survivors only a few in numbers were left to tell its tale to the world. The ship has been grand in all its senses; from the grandeur, the luxury, to the huge number of people on board, the survivors and the sufferers. Some of the world’s most rich people were travelling on this liner to make their mark on the unsinkable Titanic. The museums today have much in store to show the things brought up from the deep ocean at the site where its wreckage still lies today. Everything related to this ship seem to mesmerize the mind and take it into a world of its own.


The New Titanic is being offered with the same design and architecture to delight the eyes of the Titanic passengers of the twenty first century. But the new technology will be attached to make its mark on this titanic. With the latest technology, radars and the facilities the reformed titanic will set sail once again on her maiden voyage in 2016. Let’s keep the fingers crossed and await the new experience soon to be revitalized.


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