Sunday, May 22, 2022

Manchester Airport Has A Serious Security Problem

In this day and age security at airports should be second to none and their should be no mistakes, but unfortunately according to The Department for Transport (DfT) who carry out undercover security tests which includes using dummy explosives devices to check on the security checks at all the UK airport, Manchester Airport has a problem.

On a recent security check at Manchester Airport, a fake bomb was taken through security and the security officer failed to spot the device. The package was moved through the air-side area of the airport which if the bomb was real it could have been taken on board the plane, and if exploded could have caused death to all passengers.

A spokesman for Manchester Airport said: ‘We can confirm a security officer has been suspended but we cannot comment further as there is an on-going investigation.’

This is not the first time this year that the security of Manchester has been brought into question, in July, a 11 year old was able to board a plane and fly to Rome even though he did not have a ticket or a passport.


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