Thursday, May 19, 2022

Boris Johnson Hints No Summer Holidays For 2021

Boris Johnson has hinted that summer holidays abroad and the UK could be off the cards. While Matt Hancock has claimed he has booked his summer holiday, his boss Boris Johnson is refusing to talk about the possibility of people being able to go abroad or take a staycation.

The Prime Minister’s refusal to talk about Summer Holidays for 2021 due to the Coronavirus and some ministers claiming staycations and holidays abroad will not be possible, has sent shockwaves through the travel industry.

When the Transport Secretary was asked on Sky News about people being able to go abroad this summer due to COVID-19, he was less confident than Matt Hancock.

Grants Shapps told Sky News that he could not give a definitive answer on whether people will be able to go abroad or take staycations.

“I don’t want to unnecessarily raise people’s hopes.”

“I’m afraid I can’t give you a definitive ‘will there or will there not be’ the opportunity to take holidays this next year, either at home or abroad.

Thomas Cook chief executive Alan French was more optimistic about the summer holidays. He told Sky News that he believes that people will be able to go abroad.

If summer holidays are cancelled, then it could result in even more job losses in the travel industry with many independent travel agency’s going to the wall.


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