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Solar Electric Dutch Barge and Super Yacht Designed By Catching Light To Be Launched Early This Year

It is one thing to imagine the future and another to experience the same future. All the same, who would have thought both the future and present can be brought together at this time? Catching Light, a company that is popular for its ingenuity in developing eco-friendly marine vehicles has successfully brought the future to the present time.

The company has brought the future to now with the pending launch of a Solar Electric Dutch Barge and 35 Metre Super Yacht. The new vessels will help protect our marine life and at the same time leisurely move us around whilst presenting us a comfortable gateway from our daily stressful lives. These two vessels are shrewdly designed with advanced technological materials like solar and solid-state carbon batteries that will make our waterways, oceans, lands totally safe to live.

As Catching Light is well-known for thinking about future while making the present comfortable and affordable, they have provided us with 100% solar, eco-technology solutions to living and moving on water. Through new technology used in making these new vehicles, it also eliminates environmental pollution and reduces the cost of sea travelling.

Bargy McBarge Face – Solar Electric Dutch Barge, which is almost at the completion stage, is expected to be on the waterway by the early part of this year 2018.  Bargy McBarge Face combines the aesthetics of traditional boat building ethics and skills with that of 21st-century cutting-edge solar and smart technology. 


The solar electric Dutch Barge is not the only exciting development, there is also the 35 Metre Super yacht known as Josiah.

This yacht is simple, elegant and highly sustainable for use on the water. The yacht has autonomous features similar to the ones used in the electric automotive industry and can sail with minimum crew or just owner-captain. The software used in developing this yacht ensures that clean energy is harvested from sun, water, and wind and then redistributed with maximum efficiency in order for the crew on board to have a safe and healthy sail.

The Super Yacht also makes use of trimaran hull, an innovation that uses two smaller outrigger hulls that are fully attached to the main hull so that the yacht can run faster on the water and be safer for the crew whilst having a great sea ride. The construction of the 35 Metre Super Yacht was done from materials such as timber, bamboo, hemp composites, and recycled aviation grade aluminum which are highly sustainable and eco-friendly.

For more information on the solar electric Dutch Barge, please www.catchinglight.tech