Saturday, May 28, 2022

Patients Hit Out At Long Vaccine Queues in Lincolnshire

Residents in Lincolnshire want more Vaccine centres to open so they can get their COVID booster jabs

  • NHS need to do more to get more people vaccinated according to Lincolnshire residents


For the past few days, we have been receiving emails from people living and working in Greater Lincolnshire concerned at the long vaccine queues.

People have become fed up with Boris Johnson saying we all need the booster jabs, but not putting a professional plan in place so people get those jabs safely and quickly.

Some people have reported they have had to wait in queues for hours, while other people have said they have driven to different COVID centres for smaller queues.

One of the areas under fire for long queues is Spalding where patients have got fed up with how the booster jab is being rolled out.

It was announced last week that Broadgate House, in Westlode Street, Spalding, and Pinchbeck Library and Community Hub are offering appointments for booster jabs. However, some people think more places need to be offering the boost jab.

It is not just Spalding where people are getting fed up with long queues to get their booster jab. Those living in Skegness, Boston, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, and Grantham want Boris Johnson to sort out the mess.

Mr Anderson from Boston said: “I cannot believe that Boris Johnson has made another complete mess of COVID vaccinations. We are being told to get the booster jab but when you go to the booster jab centres, you have to wait for hours to get seen. More needs to be done to sort this out.”

A lot of those people who have contacted our team have said they cannot understand why more places are not offering the vaccine. They are calling on Boris Johnson to make the vaccine available at supermarkets, chemists, and even schools.

If you have been waiting hours to get your COVID booster vaccine, then let us know about your experience.


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