Saturday, May 28, 2022

Thousands Of Spanish Holidaymakers Could Have Their Holiday Cancelled

Spanish Air Traffic Control Workers set to go on strike. Bad news for holidaymakers heading to Spain this summer. Each year holidaymakers take a risk by flying to Spain during peak season and this year is no different. Yet again there are threats of strikes which could result in long delays, cancelled flights, and cancelled holidays. If the strikes go ahead then tens of thousands of holidaymakers could be affected.

If an agreement is not made between the Spanish Air Traffic Control Workers and the government then thousands of Spain flights could be cancelled. This would cause misery for tens of thousands of passengers who are looking forward to a week in the sun.

Spanish air traffic control strikes july

The main destinations that are affected include Barcelona, Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. A contact from TUI has told In2town Travel Magazine that they are not confident the government and the air traffic controllers will come to a mutual understanding. If that is the case then this could become the biggest strike disruption in recent years.

According to reports, if the government and the Spanish Air Traffic Controllers do not agree on a positive solution then strikes could take place in July and August.

The Spanish Government have assured holidaymakers they are determined to resolve the situation to make sure the strikes do not go ahead.

The Spanish Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Pedro Saura, said the government was looking for “permanent collaboration, frank dialogue, and mutual loyalty, for the sake of the general interest”.

how to keep children happy while flying

It will not just be holidaymakers heading to Spain that will be affected. Those going through Spanish airspace could also see their flights either cancelled or delayed.



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