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Buying A Static Caravan In Skegness – What You Need To Know

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Skegness in Lincolnshire is known not just for its great beaches but also for the many wonderful caravan parks it has. With caravan ownership in Skegness increasing and with the recent negative stories appearing in the national press about owning a caravan, we decided to speak to the experts and provide advice on buying a static caravan in Skegness.

Buying a static caravan in Skegness can be a wonderful idea. It brings so many benefits which includes being able to have as many holidays as you want and being able to escape when you want. The other benefits of owning a caravan in Skegness is not having to worry about air traffic control strikes. However, if you buy a caravan in Skegness without doing research it can be a very expensive mistake.

Experts have warned that buying a caravan in Skegness as an investment could be a serious mistake. In the good old days, it was easy to make money from caravan rentals, but due to all the competition and £9.50 holidays being advertised it has become a hard market to crack.

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Important Things To Remember When Buying A Caravan In Skegness

  1. buying a caravan in skegness lincolnshireA static caravan will never increase in value
  2. Site fees increase each year
  3. Never go over budget when buying a caravan in Skegness.
  4. Buying a caravan privately is much cheaper than buying from a holiday park
  5. Take everything a caravan salesperson tells you with a pinch of salt. Check everything, they tell you and then double check
  6. If you are going to buy a caravan in Skegness, then think about either paying for it outright or through a loan with your own bank.
  7. Your caravan must be insured.
  8. You need to show proof that you pay council tax at your home address
  9. You do not need a TV licence for your caravan if you have one at your home address


Tips And Advice When Looking To Buy A Caravan In Skegness

  1. caravans for sale in skegnessMake Sure the holiday park in Skegness has everything you need. It is important to never buy a caravan straight away. If you are thinking of buying a caravan, then you should visit the park at least six times and spend at least one week on the park. People make the mistake of buying a caravan on a whim without experiencing what the caravan park has to offer.


  1. Check how many weeks of the year the caravan park is open for and see if this suits your needs


  1. Speak to owners on the caravan park and so you can find out how much on average the site fees increase.


  1. Find out if you must pay water rates on top of your site fees. A lot of holiday parks have water rates included within the site fees. However, other parks charge you extra which makes owning a caravan even more expensive


  1. How many years can you have your caravan on the Skegness Holiday park. A lot of salespeople like to tell potential buyers that they can have their caravan on the park for as long as they like. They tell you that there is no age limit rule. However, this is not true and if they say this to you then you want it in writing. There are some parks where you can have your caravan sites for as long as you like but most parks want you off once the contract is over. So, it is important to check the length of time the agreement between you and the holiday park will last for.


  1. If you want to sell your caravan it’s important to find out if you have to give the holiday park first refusal and if they take commission when you have sold your caravan.


Should I Buy A Caravan in Skegness On Finance?

skegness caravans for sale 

Experts have warned that buying a caravan in Skegness on Finance can be a serious huge expensive mistake. Not only are you making the purchase of the caravan more expensive, it can also lead to serious financial problems.

Buying a static caravan on finance is up to each person but it is very important to understand the implications that are involved.

A lot of people are enticed to buy a caravan on finance for many different reasons. One of the reasons is they can purchase a bigger and better caravan. Another reason is they don’t have to make a huge outlay all at once. A lot of people purchase a caravan on finance as that is the only way they could afford to be a holiday homeowner. But please remember there are many serious downfalls to getting a caravan in Skegness on finance.


What You Should Know Before Buying A Caravan On Finance


  1. Can you afford the monthly payments of the finance agreement?
  2. What would happen if you were made redundant or lost your job, could you still afford the repayments?
  3. If you can no longer afford a caravan on finance, you may still have to pay half of the finance before being allowed to hand the caravan back.
  4. You could be paying around £900 a month to purchase a holiday home on finance.


A serious mistake people make when visiting caravan parks in Skegness and getting a caravan on finance is not taking into account the site fees. Yes, the site fees are included most of the time when you purchase a caravan, but did you know they are not free. Although you believe they are free they are worked in with the price. After the first year a lot of people find themselves struggling due to not considering the site fees that must be paid on top of the finance agreement.

Buying a caravan can bring you a lot of fun, so make sure when looking to buy a caravan in Skegness you do your research before taking that big step.






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