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Asif Ali Gohar Rice Leather Goes Public with New Line

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In an announcement just this week, Asif Ali Gohar, the inventor and producer of vegan rice leather, it was confirmed that his company is going public. Shares will be available for purchase on the first of next month, and they will be available worldwide for investors and fans alike.

This move is made to move the company forward as it prepares its new line. It is expected that this decision will launch the company forward in one great leap, allowing it to skip ahead. While it was originally part of the five-year plan, new developments have allowed for the timeline to be moved up.

It is a huge deal for any company to go public, but for this one man start up to be making such a big move so early in its life shows how seriously it has grown. The company started with just one product a few years ago. Creating vegan leather just from rice and byproducts, he launched his new company with this brand-new vegan option to a waiting community that was ready for something new. The options before were limited and not always exactly suitable to every item, so the market was wide open for such a versatile product. This vegan leather has filled that need and provides a product that is versatile, flexible, affordable, and sustainable. Few products have been able to fill all those needs and attract such a wide customer base.

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The launch coincides with the new product line release, which people have been watching for months now. We currently have no further details about the product itself, but the excitement is sure to create a buzz as details emerge.

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