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Skegness Tesco Petrol Station Has No Petrol

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  • Tesco Petrol Station in Skegness has closed


Drivers in Skegness have become frustrated after driving to Tesco Petrol Station and finding the petrol station has run out of petrol.

With the stories that petrol stations are running out of petrol, there has been a queue frenzy around Skegness petrol stations.

Some drivers have become upset at some petrol stations increasing their prices, while other drivers have been forced to be late for work due to queueing up for petrol.

It is feared if the panic buying does not stop then Skegness, Lincolnshire could become dry. Most of the local residents are claiming it is the holidaymakers who are panic buying, leaving no petrol for them.

Tesco have not left a message on their forecourt to let drivers know when they will re-open, and they have not provided a statement to say when they will get more petrol deliveries.

We have spoken to local residents who have been forced to drive out of the area to buy petrol due to holidaymakers’ panic buying.

Boris Johnson has been told he needs to sort this problem out straight away before it affects businesses up and down the country.

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