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Queue frenzy as fuel shortage fears hit Skegness

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Skegness Petrol Stations Running Out Of Petrol Due To Panic Buying


This morning we have travelled around Skegness and visited all the petrol stations to see how the petrol crisis is affecting the local area.

We were shocked to see roads gridlocked due to drivers queuing to get into petrol stations. One petrol station on Burgh Rd, Skegness was one of the worst hit.

Drivers queuing up were becoming angry. During the space of twenty minutes watching drivers waiting to get into the petrol station, we witnessed a lot of drivers bibbing their horns in frustration.

The queuing up for the petrol stations were not only causing frictions with drivers, but it was also making the roads dangerous. We witnessed a number of near misses by drivers who simply pulled out without indicating and speeding off to another petrol station.

One petrol station that has now closed is Tesco. The supermarket petrol station has closed due to running out of petrol. With the continued panic buying, it will not belong before other petrol stations run out.

We visited one petrol station where they only had two pumps with petrol. A member of staff at that petrol station told Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle that it will not be long before they run out of petrol.

In the early hours of this morning, we spoke to a petrol delivery driver who told us that there was no shortage of petrol. The only problem was a lack of HGV delivery drivers. However, he stated, the company he worked for had no problem with a shortage of delivery drivers.

“A lot of people are panic buying because they have heard about BP closing petrol stations down. This has resulted in panic buying. In reality, if everyone just bought the petrol, they needed then there would be no shortage.”

Some staff members at various petrol stations have contacted Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle to tell us they have witnessed people filling up their cars and also filling up three and four Jerry cans.

The panic buying is happening all over Lincolnshire including Grantham, Cleethorpes, Grimsby, and beyond. However, we are being told that there is no need to panic buying, and the only reason petrol stations are running out of petrol so fast, is due to drivers buying more petrol than they need.

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