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Lincolnshire Air Ambulance Has Had A Very Busy Year

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  • Lincolnshire air ambulance has reported its busiest year yet


The Lincolnshire Air Ambulance charity like other air ambulances charities are incredible heroes who rush to the scene when needed.

This year, The Lincolnshire Air Ambulance Charity have reported that 2021 has been their busiest year since they began operating in 1994.

During 2021, the crew at Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance flew more than 1,400 missions. In 2020 they flew 1,095 while in 2019 it was 877.

Each mission costs an incredible £3,500 on average, which shows why it is so important that the people of Lincolnshire donate to the Air Ambulance charity.

A spokesman for the charity explained the increase in call outs was down to the surge in people visiting the coast such as Mablethorpe and Skegness in the summer as lockdown restrictions were eased.

Karen Jobling, CEO, said: “Our crews continue to be out there and, just like their NHS colleagues, they are dealing with the added pressure and complexity the spread of Covid brings.

“The only difference is that we are there purely because of the generous donations we receive from our communities.”

The LNAA operate from their new headquarters in Lincoln, which was officially opened by Prince Edward.

The Air Ambulance can reach in their 3,500sq mile patch in 12 minutes according to pilot Dave Kemp.


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