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A Mum Slams Her Skegness Tattoo

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  • I give my Skegness Tattoo 1/10 says a mum who had a tattoo while on holiday


A mum who got a tattoo in Skegness has said it was the biggest mistake of her life.

Courtney Mcauliffe turned to TikTok to reveal the tattoo she got in Skegness while on holiday and said it was awful.

skegness tattoo shock

She explained she paid £20 for the tattoo and said you get what you pay for.

Courtney got the tattoo as a tribute to her son Rueben but said she was devasted with the results.

She said she would give the tattoo 1.10 and shared with her followers the very shaky lettering that spelled out her kid’s names.

Captioning her video, she wrote: “When I got a £20 tattoo in Skegness with my son’s name.

skegness tattoo

“You get what you pay for.”

Although Courtney gave the tattoo 1/10, she says that she does not regret it, but did say her one year old could do the tattoo better.

The video has since amassed over 35,000 views


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