A dormer loft conversion is one of the most popular loft conversions in London

A dormer loft conversion is one of the most popular loft conversions in London. This type of conversion is commonly created from the existing slope of the roof. Dormer loft conversions allow you to expand the space of your property and reduce costs.

The size of the additional space that a dormer loft conversion can result in is largely determined by the type of house and style of extension. Some result in as much as 50 cubic metres.

Meanwhile, you can make use of scaffolding to carry out much of the work outside your home, thereby lessening the disruption that would occur if you use other types of home extensions.

Dormer Loft Conversion

This is an extension structure designed to extend from the existing sloping roof to enlarge to the usable space with more headroom. In other words, with the new dormer windows, a tiny packed loft can evolve to a bigger, more ventilated room and naturally illuminate the entire room with natural light.

Dormer loft conversion comes in various types. The most suitable one for your property depends on your existing roof shape and of course, whether your house is terraced, detached, or semi-detached.

As a basic structure, the flat roof dormer can be fixed to the front or back of the loft. The dormer loft conversion provides the opportunity to enlarge the loft’s usable space. It thereby increases head height while providing sufficient natural light provided by the dormer window.

Even though shed roof dormer loft conversions have some similar features with the flat roof options, the shed roof dormer conversion has a downward slope at an angle. Besides, it is most suitable for homes with a gable roof and can be constructed with various materials.

A very complex solution, gable-fronted dormer loft conversions, otherwise known as dog-house dormer, consists of a gable wall extension upwardly built to reach the current ridgeline. It has a new sloping roof section that is constructed toward the new gable end.

 Hipped roof dormer loft conversions are extensions with sloping roofs on the three sides of the structure. Sometimes, it appears visually pleasing. It is best used for properties in some styles. However, compared to a flat roof dormer, this kind of dormer construction reduces the usable space in the new loft.

How Much is a Dormer Loft Conversion?

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Loft conversion comes in different types, including Dormer, Velux, and Mansard.

Dormer is the most popular loft extension. It consists of a small flat-roofed extension and a window. A typical dormer loft conversion costs around £30,000.

Velux conversions, which cost around £20,000, are the least expensive of all.

As for Mansard, it is the most extensive loft conversion as it requires removing a portion of the roof to form a new storey.

You need to obtain planning permission to do this as it is a major renovation. Mansard loft conversion costs around £50,000.

The cost of a small dormer conversion ranges between £2,000 and £7,000, while a mid-range dormer goes for £10,000 to £30,000. As for a larger-scale loft conversion, the price ranges between £40,000 and £60,000. Note that the cost largely depends on some factors, including the type of installation chosen and other customisations, such as the roof type and en-suite conversion.

Other factors that can cause a change in price include the cost of materials as well as the extra cost of labour and time required for the tradespersons to finish the work.