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Council To Give Caravan Owners Five More Years On Skegness Kingfisher Site

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  • East Lindsey Council give owners of ageing caravans five more years on Kingfisher Caravan Park


Caravan owners are today celebrating after Easy Lindsey Council caved in and put a stop to nearly 50 caravan evictions.

East Lindsey Council have finally seen sense and agreed to give caravan owners on Skegness Kingfisher Caravan park five more years before they must leave or upgrade.

Caravan owners on Kingfisher Caravan Park in Skegness, Lincolnshire were outraged when East Lindsey Council brought in new rules that stated any caravan older than 20 years had to be removed from site.

The new rule meant, that any owner with a caravan more than 20 years old either had to upgrade to a newer caravan or leave the site for good.

Around 50 caravan owners on the Kingfisher Caravan Park were affected by the new rules. Instead of lying back and accepting the new rules, the owners decided to fight back and protest. As well as protesting, they also threatened to take the council to court.

The bad blood between East Lindsey Council and the owners on Kingfisher Caravan Park made headline news around the UK. The bad press caused a lot of anger with local business owners who felt the council was putting the popular seaside resort reputation on the line.

When Lincolnshire News and Lifestyle reporters went on the streets to find out what holidaymakers thought about the actions of the council, the feeling was shock.

Many of those that we spoke to said they were considering buying a caravan in Skegness, but the council’s actions put them off. Other holidaymakers said the council could not be trusted.

The bad feeling was echoed by many business owners who felt the actions by East Lindsey Council was affecting their business.

East Lindsey Council originally told caravan owners that they had leave the site if the caravan was older than 20 years (15 years plus five additional one-year licence extensions) in a bid to modernise the campsite.

Now, the council have seen the error of their ways. Next Wednesday leaders will vote to make it 10 one-year extensions instead – bringing the age limit to a total of 25 years.

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