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One In Five Boston Lincolnshire Women Pensioners Live In Poverty

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  • Age UK says one in five women pensioners live in poverty


Some shocking news has been revealed by Age UK, and that is one in five women pensioners in Boston Lincolnshire live in poverty.  The charity has said that one in three black and Asian women OAPs live in poverty.

The charity has said action needs to be taken straight away to avoid the rise in poverty for women pensioners.

It is not just those living in Boston Lincolnshire that are affected. According to the charity, 1.25 million female pensioners in Britain are struggling and living below the breadline.

From 2013, the number of female pensioners living in poverty was 990,000 according to Age UK. That means, the number of pensioners living in poverty has increased by 260,000, which shows how the government has failed.

According to Age UK, the total number of pensioners, male and female living in poverty has risen to 2.1 million.

Boris Johnson promised to increase state pension, but now it looks like the pensions triple lock which would have helped to get Boston pensioners out of poverty is to be suspended.

Age UK director Caroline Abrahams said: “I think many will be shocked to see how many women pensioners are now living in poverty – 1.25 million, equivalent to one in five; a big cause for concern.

“It’s important to recognise, too, just how much greater the risk of poverty in later life is for women who are black or Asian, compared to their white peers.

“The fact that as many as one in three are living below the breadline demonstrates a level of structural inequality in our society, linked to race, that should be a wake-up call for both national and local policymakers.

Age UK called for the Government to “set out a clear reform programme, in partnership with third sector organisations and others, to end poverty in later life”.

Pensioners living in Boston are already having to choose between heating their homes and buying the food they need. Without the increase in State Pension, it could result in more pensioners in Boston, male and female falling into the poverty trap.

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