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Boris Johnson Rules Out Another Lockdown

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Boris Johnson and Ministers are ruling out another lockdown, even though NHS Confederation chief executive Matthew Taylor has said immediate action needs to be taken.

With COVID cases rising all over Greater Lincolnshire, including Skegness, Boston, Grantham, Grimsby and Lincoln, some COVID experts want the Government to act now.

The NHS Confederation chief executive wants the Government to bring in a COVID Plan B, to ease the burden on the NHS. However, according to reports, Boris Johnson has no current plans to bring back any of the old restrictions to lower the COVID numbers.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has stunned the people of Lincolnshire when he said that people need to do their bit to stop COVID cases spreading.

He said Covid restrictions ‘more likely’ to be reintroduced if Brits fail to ‘do their bit’. He has also dismissed NHS bosses claims that hospitals and the NHS are under pressure due to COVID.

Even though he admitted that cases could reach 100,000 infections per day, he said Plan B measures would not be introduced.

Lincolnshire NHS workers are stunned by Sajid Javid that the NHS are not struggling. We have spoken to 30 NHS who have all said their hospital is under pressure. Some have said they have never known for moral among their colleagues to be so low.

95% of the NHS workers we have spoken to want Plan B brought in now, while 80% have said they want to see a national lockdown of at least four weeks.

One thing that all the NHS workers had in common was their belief that all vulnerable people should isolate. However, this is not a current option the Government are considering.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said there would not be another national lockdown, even though NHS bosses are calling for immediate action.

NHS Confederation chief executive Matthew Taylor told Sky News: “The overwhelming evidence is that we do need to act.”

He added: “If we can do those things which are inconvenient but allow life to go on then we may not have to do things which will have a bigger impact.”

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has said: ” I think the conversation about restrictions on travel, restrictions on more lockdowns are completely unhelpful.”

“We don’t want to go back into lockdown and further restrictions.”

The feeling with those living in Lincolnshire is the Government are ignoring the experts. Many believe that Boris Johnson is burying his head in the sand. Others believe restrictions were lifted too quickly.


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