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Multiple People Arrested After Grantham Police Officer Assaulted

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  • Lincolnshire Police said they arrested multiple people after Grantham police officer was assaulted


Lincolnshire Police have announced that multiple people were arrested and detained after a busy night where one Grantham Police Officer was assaulted.

A Lincolnshire Police officer was forced to use their pepper spray and a taser to subdue his attacker.

Lincolnshire Police tweeted about the two incidents and said it was a very busy night. The tweet which was posted by Response Police Sergeant Dan McCormack said a police officer was assaulted and arrests were made for a public order offence and for assaulting an emergency worker.

“Got assaulted twice tonight. Different jobs. Thankfully no injuries. Full can of PAVA & taser used (819) to subdue the second male,” Sgt McCormack tweeted at 5:03am on Sunday (November 14).

“Arrested for public order & assault emergency worker. Thankfully officers arrived quickly to help, else it would have been a different story.”

Lincolnshire Police Control Room responded to Sgt McCormack’s tweet calling the incidents “unacceptable”.

According to Lincolnshire Police, since October 2020 until March 31st, 2021, there were 154 recorded assaults on police officers and staff.

The number of police officers assaulted in Lincolnshire continues to rise.

Grantham police officer assaulted

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