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Anger Over Skegness Planning Application

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Residents are angry over new plans for the former Fun City site in Skegness

There is no need for a sales showground on the seafront says angry residents who want to see the site turned into a tourist attraction.

Residents in Skegness as well as business owners are angry over a new application to turn the site of the former Fun City amusement park into a holiday lodge showground.

New plans which have been submitted to the council by current owner David Scott, want to change the use of the land into an area where holiday lodges will be sold.

Mr Scott was previously granted planning permission to build luxury flats and retail units on the site which would have boosted the area’s image.

The previous plans included new shops, restaurants, and cafes, which would have boosted the area’s footfall and boosted the local economy. Now it seems, that plan is not goind ahead and people are not pleased.

According to reports, the latest proposal by Andrew Clover Planning and Design Ltd is to use the site as a high-quality, low-density showground for the sale of holiday lodges.

The statement says: “It will not be used for the bulk storage and sale of lodges.

“The majority of the boundaries will be enclosed with landscaping set within a low stone wall and with low-impact security fencing behind. Access will be via North Parade with a new section of dropped kerb being constructed.

“Other than the lodges the only other building within the site will be a small mobile office in a similar design to the lodges.

“The proposal will bring a prominent site back into use, leading to an enhancement of the character of the area and contributing to the tourism economy.

“The benefits of the proposal, which are supported by the numerous letters included with the application, are significant and the application should be supported.”

Although Taj Bola who has submitted plans to turn the former Town Hall into a luxury hotel welcomes the new proposals, not everyone is happy.

The general feeling is there is no need to put a sales ground on the former Fun City site. One local business owner who did not wish to be named told In2Town Today News:

“What we want is for new activities and facilities to be brought onto the site. A sales ground will not enhance the area and will do nothing for the local economy. The site should be used to attract tourists and give them more things to do.”

When visiting Skegness seafront to ask people’s opinion of the new plans, we could not find one person who thought it was a great idea. One Skegness resident questioned why the council would want a sales ground on the site.

Sarah from Skegness said: “Sales grounds for lodges on caravans should be on holiday sites and not in an area where we are trying to boost the image of Skegness and attract new visitors.”

Steven from Boston who has a caravan in Skegness that he rents out to holidaymakers has said this is a stupid idea.

“This year we have struggled to rent out our caravan. We want people to come to Skegness to have a great time. We need more tourist activities, not fewer ones. The land could be used for many great tourist attractions, what is the point of a sales ground.”

ELDC will decide on the holiday lodge showground plan in due course, but residents are hoping the council sees sense and turn it down.

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