Saturday, May 28, 2022

Online Dating Survey 29 per cent of women are after your money

In2town Lifestyle Magazine conducted an online Dating Survey to find out what women look for in a man.

Men, if you are thinking of using a dating website to find love or are looking at going clubbing to find a date, and you think you know what women want when it comes to dating then read this shocking new survey. It was conducted with 100 women aged between 25 and 35.

When we asked 100 men what they thought women looked for in a man, we found that 97% thoguht women wanted a man with good looks but when we asked 100 women between the ages of 25 and 35 what they wanted, the real truth came out.

Here are the results.

1.     Personality. 51% of women said they wanted a man with a strong personality who could make them laugh as well as being able to hold a conversation other than football and cars.

2.     Looks.  13% of women said they wanted a man who looks good and dresses well with modern stylish clothes.

3.     Money. They say that money talks and according to 29% of the women that we spoken to, financial security is an important part of a relationship

4.     Brains. Only 7% of women said they look for brains in a man.


We also found that women don’t like an over confident person who always wants to be the centre of attention and although some women said they feel a man should show his Feminine side and should not be ashamed of crying, 47% of those women said they would not like to have a relationship with a man who easily cries.

One of the most shocking results that we came across was 76% of women said they would like to meet a man who was a virgin so they could train him in bed.

This shows that men don’t really know what a woman is looking for when it comes to dating or a long-term relationship.



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