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The King’s Coronation Has Been Branded A Waste Of Taxpayers’ Money By Critics

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The King’s Coronation will cost more than £250million according to reports.

When Britain’s economic condition is in such bad shape with more than 7000 people die each winter from fuel poverty, the Government have shocked those struggling by the huge cost of the Coronation.

It was first reported that the Coronation could cost between £50m and £100m. However, it has now been estimated that the King’s Coronation will cost more than £250million.

Before the new shocking cost of the Coronation was revealed, more than 51% of people were shocked that the Government were wasting money on the Coronation while people were struggling to pay their bills. 35% of people said they had no interest in the Coronation and would not be watching it. Now the new figure has been released, it has caused anger.

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It has been revealed that around £150million will be spent on security with thousands of police officers needed for the Coronation.

Graham Smith, chief executive of campaign group Republic, said: “Charles is already king. There is absolutely no need to go through with this expensive pantomime.”

“At a cost of tens of millions of pounds, this pointless piece of theatre is a slap in the face for millions of people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis,” he added.

Graham Smith is not the only one who is shocked. We hit the streets to find out what people thought about the cost of the Coronation, and we could only find one person who believed it was money well-spent. Everyone else we spoke to thought it was a shocking amount to spend while people are struggling to pay their mortgages and fuel bills.

Susan from Skegness said: “I am behind on my Gas Bill. I work full time and I am disgusted that taxpayer’s money is being spent on this silly celebration.

Mark from Manchester agreed with Susan. He said he felt the money for the Coronation should be funded by King Charles and was disgusted with the Government. “The Government claim they do not have extra money to pump into the NHS, but they can waste £250million on the Coronation.”

We spoke to people in Boston, Liverpool, Grimsby, Hull, and Birmingham, and the General feeling was, the Coronation was a waste of money.

Labour’s Richard Burgon, MP for Leeds East, called for a House of Commons debate on the amount of public money being spent on the coronation given the difficult economic times.

“The King has a reported personal fortune of £1.8bn, and given the monarch already benefits from not paying inheritance tax, it’s easy to see why so many people are not happy with this,” he said.

Scottish National Party MP Ronnie Cowan for Inverclyde highlighted the cost-of-living challenges, saying: “One in four people in my constituency, including children, are living in poverty.

“People live in damp houses. People struggle to pay their electricity bills right now, on the back of Covid and Brexit.

“What evidence do you have that they think the UK government should pay for this coronation?”

With the support for the Monarchy at an all-time low, this revelation of the amount of money being wasted on the Coronation will do the Royal family no favours.  40% of those under 25 want the monarchy abolished, and it is believed this figure will continue to rise unless the Royal Family start providing value for money.

It is not only the Royal Family who have been hit in the popularity polls. The Conservative Party have become less popular due to the money being wasted on the Coronation.

In April 2023, 44 percent of British adults would vote for the Labour Party in a general election, compared with 27 percent who would vote for the Conservative Party. The voter continues to lose faith in the Conservative Party while many believe Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is out of touch with the voter and the cost-of-living crises.

Even though there will be parties in the street around the UK, there will be many turning to helplines trying to deal with the stress of the cost-of-living crisis.


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