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Tesco supermarket upset six year old girl

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Tesco is upsetting customers with strange rules that seem to contradict adverts promoting Tesco’s. The Supermarket chain, which Tesco claims to be the biggest and the best Supermarket in the UK, has come under fire in recent weeks for silly rules and regulations and this week is no different.

The supermarket chain who was in the media for banning people wearing pyjamas when visiting the store even though they promoted this in one of their high profile adverts has this week gone even further by banning a father from carrying his daughter on his shoulders.
Taxi Driver Martin Dunkley, 48, from Cambridgeshire was entering the Bar Hill Tesco with his six-year-old daughter when a security guard told him that he would have to take his daughter off his shoulders and if he refused he would be told to leave the store.
Martin could not believe his ears and thought it was a joke but the security guard was very serious and explained to the father that if he did not obey they instructions then Tesco would have no alternative but to ask him to leave the store until he was prepared to follow the Tesco strict rules.


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When Martin asked the security guard why carrying his daughter on his shoulders was such a problem, the security guard explained to him that it was health and safety and by carrying his daughter on his shoulders he could cause injury to another shopper.  
The shocked Taxi driver refused and left the store and vowed never to shop at Tesco again, calling the rules stupid and childish.

A Tesco spokeswoman has asked Martin Dunkley to come back to the store for a meeting with the manager to discuss the matter, explaining that they value their customers but they also take health and safety very seriously.
Tesco has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons and it is not just the customers that the superstore likes to pick on.
Staff at a Tesco superstore has reported to their union that their manager has instructed security to monitor staff going to the toilet to see how long they spend inside the toilet and if they spend too much time then they face a warning from their line manager.
According to one member of staff who did not want to be named: “We now have to run to the toilet and get out as quickly as we can otherwise we are asked to go upstairs in front of our Line Manager to explain why we were in the toilet for so long. Working for Tesco was a pleasure but now all the staff feel they are being treated worse than slaves.”  

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