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Boxing Fans Demand KSI and Tommy Fury Rematch

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Fans Have Demanded A Rematch Between Tommy Fury And KSI After The Disappointing Boxing Match

The boxing match between KSI and Tommy Fury has been described as the worst boxing match in the history of Boxing. Tommy Fury has admitted it was not his best fight. Now, fans demand a rematch.


On Saturday 14th October 2023 one of the biggest boxing fights of the year turned into a huge disappointment for fans. The KSI and Tommy Fury fight should have been one of the most exciting fights of the year but instead, it was like watching two schoolgirls fighting in a playground.

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Although Tyson Fury won the boxing match if you can call it that, KSI has hit out at the result.

He said immediately after the fight: “It’s a robbery, how many jabs did he land? I’m the YouTuber, you’re the boxer, I understand, you have to win. I want to appeal.”

KSI has said that Tommy Fury did not win the boxing match and a huge number of boxing fans turned to social media to agree.

Boxing fans have described the fight as a huge disappointment, with some fans claiming the fight was like two children fighting while others have said there was more hugging than boxing. Some have even gone as far as to say that they wanted their money back.

Tommy Fury has even admitted that the fight in Manchester was not his best performance, and his father agrees. Now, fans want a rematch between Tommy Fury and KSI to determine who is the real winner.

Although Tommy Fury remains unbeaten as a professional boxer, with 10 wins from his 10 bouts, including four knockouts, fans have turned to social media and said he still needs to prove himself as a boxer.

One fan turned to social media and claimed that all of Tommy Fury’s fights have been easy ones, and he needs to prove himself by fighting a real boxer.

There have been a few names put into the hat for Tommy Fury’s next fight, but fans have said he needs to prove himself first against KSI in a rematch.

Fans have demanded a rematch between Tommy Fury and KSI but this time for both men to act like boxers and not two school girls who want to hug each other for six rounds. Logan Paul agrees a rematch needs to take place.

He said: ‘I wasn’t impressed with either man. I think Tommy fought way better against me, came in more prepared. Tonight, he was flat-footed, kinda awkward. And KSI was good for one round, the first round, and then got tired after that.

‘But I still want to decapitate KSI. We have to finish what we started. And the Tommy Fury rematch is right there. Tommy’s gonna want that payday. Payday, Tommy, payday!’

It remains to be seen if Tommy Fury will have the bottle to have a rematch with KSI, but one thing is for sure, if he doesn’t have a rematch with KSI, then some fans will question his record as an undefeated boxer.

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