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Boris Johnson Does Not Know What He Is Doing With COVID-19 Pandemic

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According to the readers of In2town Lifestyle Magazine, Boris Johnson does not have a clue what he is doing with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We conducted a survey of one thousand readers of In2town Lifestyle Magazine to find out how they thought Boris Johnson was handling the COVID-19 pandemic. According to 7/10 of our readers, they felt he was out of his depth.

Our readers felt Boris Johnson had lost control of the COVID-19 situation and made it difficult to understand what they should and should not be doing. One reader who took part in the survey said Boris Johnson and his Government were sending out mixed messages. 6/10 of our readers wanted Boris Johnson to be replaced as Prime Minister and wanted someone in control who could handle the situation in a more professional manner.

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second coronavirus winterWe asked our readers if they would vote for Boris Johnson at the next General Election, 5/7 said they would not vote for the Conservative Party if Boris Johnson was still in charge. Our survey has found that Boris Johnson has lost the trust of the voter and people feel confused on what they should or should not be doing.

Some of those who took part in the survey felt that those who are vulnerable should still be off work, while others could not understand why Boris Johnson was so eager to send people back to the office.

Through our survey, we found if there was a General Election this month that Boris Johnson would lose and the Labour Party would be in Government.

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