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Boris Johnson Not To Blame For HGV Crisis Says New Foreign Secretary

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  • Louth Lincolnshire residents shocked after the new Foreign Secretary said that Boris Johnson is not to blame for what’s in the shops.


People in Louth Lincolnshire have become frustrated with the handling of the petrol shortage. Many of those living in Louth blame Boris Johnson for the lack of fuel and for shops running out of food.

According to Liz Truss, the new Foreign Secretary, The Prime Minister cannot be blamed for the HGV crisis, the lack of petrol, and the struggles supermarkets are facing to get deliveries.

People in Louth Lincolnshire and the rest of the country are struggling to fill their cars up with petrol. As well as the lack of petrol, supermarkets are struggling to get food and stock on the shelves. This is as a result of the lack of HGV drivers.

This morning Boris Johnson warned that the transportation problem could continue until December, but he takes no blame for the problem. He has put the blame on the HGV industry and supermarkets.

Boris Johnson is “not responsible for what’s in the shops”, Tory Liz Truss claimed today as food shortages threatened to disrupt Christmas.

Speaking at Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, the Foreign Secretary indicated bare shelves in supermarkets were not the PM’s problem.

Since her comments, those living in Louth, and the rest of the country have turned to social media to slam Boris Johnson.

We spoke to some people living in Louth who have said the blame is at Boris Johnson door. One person who did not wish to be named explained how he has struggled to get petrol to get to work. He has also said that many of his friends are in the same position.

The general feeling is, Boris Johnson has been sleeping on the job. With all the guarantees that were provided about leaving the EU, and how the country would be better, it seems after Brexit the country is falling apart.

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