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Former Lincolnshire Police Office In Court For Careless Driving

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  • The former police office caused a collision with a motorcycle


A former Lincolnshire Police Officer was in court for causing the death of a motorcyclist. Malcolm Dodd, 73, of Mill Lane, Saxilby was accused of causing the collision when he pulled out in front of Mr Arbon’s motorcycle

Malcolm Dodd, a former police sergeant denied the charge of causing the 23-year old death by careless driving on June 6, 2019 but was found guilty by Lincoln Crown Court.

Lincoln Crown Court heard the evidence and gave Malcolm Dodd a nine-month suspended sentence.

The jury heard that Malcolm Dodd turned right off a side road onto the A57 near Burton just after 1.20pm and collided with a motorcycle being ridden by Mr Arbon.

As a result of the collision, Mr Arbon suffered head injuries which were so serious he died at the scene of the collision.

Before passing sentence Judge Simon Hirst made it clear no sentence could put a value on Mr Arbon’s life.

Judge Hirst said: “Richard Arbon was plainly well respected by many people, and had helped a great many people in this county.

“I have heard from Mr Arbon’s mother about the hole it has left in their family.”

But the Judge said while Mr Dodd’s driving clearly passed the custodial threshold, he also had to consider the sentencing guidelines on suspending the sentence.

As well as receiving a suspended sentence, Mr Dodd was also banned from driving for 12 months and must pay £1,500 court cost and obey a curfew for three months.

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