Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Tenerife Banana Exports Could Increase Thanks To The Germans

Forget about the stories of Germans being the first ones up when it comes to trying to get a sunbed in Tenerife, annoying the British and Spanish holidaymakers and forget about the stories about the Germans being rude while on holiday in the Canary Islands, because the Germans could help increase the banana export market to the Canary Islands which will bring much needed income.

The Association of Canary Plantain Producer Organizations (Asprocan) is hoping to introduce the German market to a quality banana. At the moment the majority of the bananas sold in Germany come from Latin America and if the plans go in a positive way then this majority will be vastly reduced. Canary Island producers are hoping the German market will become a vital part of their export market.

The problem the Canary Island producers have to overcome is the image of the banana.

A spokesman for Asprocan said: “People do not buy a product if it does not look right and, in the case of Canary bananas, Europeans still associate the characteristic black spots on the fruit as a sign of low quality,”


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