Sinitta Congratulates Simon Cowell Over Baby News

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Simon Cowell is to become a dad, now I have picked myself off the floor in shock, friends and family have been turning to Twitter to congratulate the X Factor Judge.

Sinitta who fans have said on many occasions would make a great wife for Simon Cowell, congratulated the X Factor judge on the news he is to become a dad.

Simon Cowell who has had more girlfriends than I have had holidays has always said that he did not want to have children, that was until last year when he said is was warming to the idea of becoming a dad.

The X Factor judge himself has not made any comments about becoming a dad and all enquires from the press are being passed on to his legal team.

Many of Simon Cowell’s friends have said he will make a great dad but it seems with Simon Cowell’s silence on the baby news, he is still coming to terms with it.

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