Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Benidorm To See A Drop In Holidaymakers

Benidorm News. According to Spanish Tourist Chiefs Benidorm and other Spanish resorts are going to see fewer UK holidaymakers taking holidays in Benidorm thanks to the increase in departure tax from the UK. Spanish Tourist Chiefs who have said they are shocked that the UK government has increased the tax have warned that this is going to cause job losses in Spain with the lack of UK holidaymakers visiting Benidorm and other seaside destinations.

The Spanish Tourist Chiefs have said they expect to see 2.9 million less holidaymakers visit seaside destinations in Spain including Benidorm from the UK and hope the UK government relook at the tax and reduce it to help make it easier for families to take a holiday abroad.


Passengers leaving the UK for their holidays have seen their departure tax increased thanks to the government and according to the top three airlines in the UK the increase tax duty could cause airlines to make staff redundant.

Tourist experts in Benidorm believe the increase in air passenger duty will affect the local economy leaving jobs at risk.


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