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What It’s Really Like to Be a Psychic – Nancy Mello Reveals All

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A professional Psychic Medium is not a job you’re likely to see advertised on any employment website, instead of choosing to become a medium, the spirit world chooses you.

When people think of Psychics or mediums, they automatically think of someone contacting the other side and bringing loved ones together. However, not every medium is like that. One medium, Nancy Mello is different from other mediums. She is what is known as an animal communicator and medium.

So, what does that mean. Basically, as Nancy has explained, she helps to find lost pets, and she has become very successful. So, we decided to learn more about Nancy Mello, and her ability as a medium and her ability to find lost pets. This is what she had to say.


  1. You are an animal communicator and medium, can you please explain what that means?

I can connect with animals of all shapes and sizes- from fish, to lizards, to deer, to cats and dogs. I can also connect with animals that have died (passed over.) As a Medium, I can connect with people that have passed over (died.) As a clairvoyant, in a very real sense, I can see future events for people and big events for the World- i.e., Covid-19.


  1. How did you know that you could communicate with those on the other side?

Psychic Medium interviewI never was “normal.” I recall playing with, “imaginary friends” and I could actually feel people around playing with me. Looking back, I now know these were my guides. At the time, they were my only friends. Kids in school didn’t respond to me positively, and teachers didn’t know what to do with me. I understood I could sense people around that no one else could see. Raised catholic, I was taught that I needed to pray it out and that the demons were doing it. It was a pretty scary childhood growing up in the church.


  1. What was your first psychic experience like?

When I was six, my grandmother came to me soon after I passed and made a comment using the word, “damn” in the sentence- a word I had never uttered. I ran and told my mom, and soon after she ran us both to a psychiatrist’s office. I was put on over twenty psychotropic drugs between the ages of eight and eighteen to, “stop sensing.” I don’t blame my mom- there was a lot of fear involved. It was definitely something I learned to keep to myself because others were convincing me I wasn’t actually hearing anything.


  1. What’s the best part of your job?

I call it the “ah ha” moment – when it is clear when I am connecting to someone at home (heaven) for a client and they say something that there is no way I could have known. The clients face instantly brightens, and you can physically see their body relax. I also love “how do you know that?” question during a session. “Hi! I’m Nancy! I’m a psychic!” I’ll usually reply. It’s that feeling that I’m not making anything up, that I am indeed connecting with their loved one or passed pet. It’s affirmation for me and confirmation that this what I am supposed to be doing.


  1. And what are the worst things about your job?

The worst thing about my job is the lost pet cases when I know the animal is gone. I hate to use the word hate, but I hate that it is my duty as an animal communicator to let them know. I hate that when I tell them, it is going to break their heart and there is nothing I can do about it. I hate the empty feeling I get knowing how it is tearing them apart. I have cried many times with clients after a lost pet has passed.


  1. A lot of people are very skeptical about mediums, what would you say to those people?

It’s okay to be skeptical. I encourage people to be so. I try to speak in very matter of fact ways, and I believe everything I tell you should be able to be proven. By speaking from a very fact-based platform, I am able to give people the “proof” that they need from a real standpoint. I believe in science and lean from that standpoint.  If it isn’t for them though, it’s okay. I don’t take offense to skeptics and I don’t judge them for being so.


  1. You can connect to people and pets that have passed, but can you explain more about the process?

All I need is their photo and a name, but generally if I am already speaking to the person they are connected to, I can connect right in. I think about the person and open myself up to whatever I hear in my head. Information comes right out. I write it all down and tell the person (no matter how silly!)


  1. As well as communicating with pets and people who have passed, you also help people find their lost pets. That sounds very interesting and very rewarding, please explain how that works. So, if I have lost my pet dog, and wanted him found, how can you help, and how would I know if my dog is dead or alive?

You would schedule an appointment with me and send me a photo of the animal, their name, the date they were lost, and the town/city they were lost in. Somehow, I am able to “tap in” to wherever they are. The first thing I always do is check on vitality and health. Are they alive? Are they hurt? Where are they hurt? From there I ask questions such as, “What do you see?” “How did you get lost?” and usually they will show me a vision in my head- similar to a daydream, of where they are and their journey. I write everything down that I hear and see and try to sketch it out the best I can (although admittedly I am not the best artist!) I have heard that what I do is essentially “dosing” which is sketching where the pet is. From my sketch and description, I go on Google Maps and triangulate where I feel them. The record time after showing the owners where to go to the animal being found is about fifteen minutes


  1. You have achieved huge success in finding lost pets, in fact, you have found 36 pets in the last 18 months. How does it feel to help owners and pets to find each other?

It is a feeling of joy I can only equate to seeing your long-lost-love or best friend. My heart just jumps, and I do what’s called my, “happy dance” and jump up and down. If my kids are home, they will see me dancing and then they start to dance, so it becomes this family celebration. I love chatting with the pet after they are found (via Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp) they always give me a look like, “Why are you speaking out loud when I’ve heard you in my head this whole time?”


  1. So, with you being a medium, do you believe that pets and people go to the same place?

From my experience speaking with animals and people, we do go to the same place- but different areas. I always compare it to quadrants like in Hunger Games for my clients, without the devastation or evil rule. Even though we go to the same place in different quadrants, everyone is allowed in different areas. You will find pets helping their owners with a project, or a person happily on the water watching the whales where the animals are located.


  1. There is a theory that once pets pass over, they become in the shape of a human being, and when Reincarnations take place, a pet could become a human, and a human could become a pet, what are your thoughts on that?

From what I have witnessed personally in my readings with pets and people, if we reincarnate, we reincarnate into the being we were before. I.e., a cat will come back as a cat, a horse as a horse, etc. What I have found interesting is that if animals come back, they tend to come back to the same family, person, or connected to that person.  Just the other day I spoke to a dog of an owner who told me they had been with the owner before. When I asked when, they told me they had been with the owner in childhood as the neighborhood dog. She laughed as she joyfully remembered the dog next door that would follow her everywhere. It is wonderful to make those connections.


  1. You don’t just help people who live near you, thanks to Zoom, you can help anyone in the world. Can you share any of your success stories where you have helped owners and pets come together?

I have helped find pets in Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, Greece, and the United States. One of my favorite lost-pet clients was a cat in Switzerland, who ran off to the next town over. When I asked the cat why it ran it said it, “wanted meat.” Unbeknownst to me, the owner was a vegetarian, and the cat was as well! Once the owner agreed to give the cat meat, it showed up within twelve hours, pawing at the door. The owner and I couldn’t stop laughing- and the cat did in fact get sausage as a thank you for coming home!


  1. What is more fulfilling, helping owners find their pets, who helping people communicate with those who have passed to the other side?

Everything I do is fulfilling in different ways. At the end of the day, as long as I can say I have earnestly helped people through the best of my abilities, with the purest of intentions, then that is enough for me.


  1. Why do you believe is it important for people to believe that there is life after death?

Whether someone believes in life after death or doesn’t, doesn’t change the fact that your energy continues to go on after your body lets go. Even the famous comedian and atheist George Carlin made it home (heaven.) I think what’s more important than believing in life after death is acknowledging that there is a lot of things that science cannot explain, yet.  Hopefully in the next one hundred years we can come a little closer in having that “proof” and that will come with science and faith can coexist in the same arena.


  1. Have you ever been asked to help solve crimes through your mediumship?

I have worked on mysterious death cases, people that have been murdered. I have also worked with animal abuse. From my standpoint, they are all horrific. As a Medium and Animal Communicator, there is a fine line between sharing all of the details and being tactful in what information I communicate to the loved ones. I definitely never share anything that isn’t asked to not be shared.


For further information, or to schedule an interview contact Nancy Mello [email protected] or 1-860-829-9444. Or visit her website:

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