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Meet The Man Who Says He Should Be King Of Wales

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Many won’t believe if told that the English have never legitimately succeeded to the native British sovereignty. The fact that only the Welsh and Cornish are genetically British needs to be proclaimed. As said, a proclamation called an Actio Rescissoria that defies the United Kingdom’s claim to British sovereignty is in place, having been sent to the United Kingdom public correspondence department.

The proclamation points out that the English and Scottish people are not genetically British. Even more alarmingly, they have never lawfully succeeded to the native British sovereignty, in accordance with the laws of nations. The statements in this proclamation are irrefutable because the United Kingdom cannot provide valid and legal proof as well as a sovereign title to Britain.

To put it in one line, the Welsh are the indigenous people of the United Kingdom like the Native Americans in the United States. And, the UK owes the Welsh billions in reparations. Elaborately, as Llywelyn formal statement expounds about the proclamation, the word Welsh itself is an Anglo-Saxon (English) creation which means ‘foreigner’ or ‘stranger’. The original word to denote Welsh people is ‘y Cymry’ and not many people know that. It’s noteworthy that the people currently called ‘Welsh’ not only had their identity subverted but also maliciously hidden. Experts and academicians have been stating that the Welsh and the Cornish are the true Britons, with the Welsh being the direct descendants of the native Britons. Like how Bill Gates’ prediction of a modern pandemic fell on deaf ears, so did the Welsh’s rightful place and identity in their own land.

 Quintessentially, the Actio Rescissoria tells the UK that their claim to the British sovereignty is not recognised and that the current British sovereignty is a manifestation of numerous malice and deception. It’s criminal and the Welsh have been tagged with unsavoury labels, their history, manipulated for self-interests. It’s ironic that the English version of Welsh history has been disproved by historians and the Welsh native history is the only version validated as it hinges on archaeological and forensic evidence, having decimated the past academic bias. The laws state if an heir was unavailable, any Briton (Welshman) from the Cenedl (native British nation) could claim the position as the lawful heir. This applies to all nations in emergency situations so that the nation continues to survive.

A 33 years old Welsh man came forward with inextricable evidence that he is indeed the descendant of the king of Wales with an extraordinarily long name Llywelyn Rex Britannorum (Latin: King of Britons). As Llywelyn explained, England and Great Britain have never had a King of Britons.


Having shortened his name to just Llywelyn, the self-proclaimed King of Britons is confident of his princely status because the UK has failed to prove that he isn’t the de jure King of the Britons time and again. He says, “For years they have known about me and for years I have been rallying supporters internationally. If I was wrong, the UK would have surely brought an injunction against me by now. The UK has been unable to bring any legal action against me, as they do not have the same legal standing that we do. There is no other party in the world that can produce a valid, true, and lawful title to the native British sovereignty; because the English and the Scottish are not British, either genetically, or in accordance with the native British laws (Cyfraith Hywel).” He adds, “Since I came forward years ago, descendants of the native Britons have rallied with me and recognise me as the true King of Britons.”

Royal titles are a fixation but to give purpose to a regal sanguine, sovereignty is necessary. This is what makes the Actio Rescissoria so critical. It calls for a rightful, de jure sovereignty rather than a glossed over, de facto sovereignty.

Llywelyn said: “Elizabeth Windsor was formerly Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (a Saxon). Under the native British laws, Saxons are precluded from claiming/inheriting British titles.”

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