Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Survey Finds Third of Britons Don’t Know What CBD Is

  • In survey comparing UK and USA consumers, Choicy found that CBD needs more education to have a future in the UK

New data from a study conducted by Choicy demonstrated that a third of people in the UK do not know what CBD or cannabidiol products are. With participants from both the United Kingdom and the United States of America, the survey compared consumers over the age of 25 from both countries.

Choicy reported that more education is needed in the UK, where 31% of the UK population answered that they didn’t know what CBD was compared to only 12.5% of Americans. As well as this, only 18.2% of UK participants disclosed their knowledge or have tried CBD, compared to 40% of USA correspondents. In the USA, some states have even gone as far as to implement the legalization of cannabis, so unsurprisingly, more Americans are conscious of this industry. With more awareness in the UK, it is expected that this understanding will progress just as much.

Where one-fifth of UK correspondents held positive attitudes to the development of CBD, these results suggest that the British public are open to the use of cannabis products. Tougher restrictions on cannabinoids still exist in the UK from the 20th century, but there has been recent development on government policies. Since 1993, the British Home Office has begun to support the cannabis industry by providing businesses with licences for industrial hemp cultivation.

Despite having a higher understanding of products in the USA, the reputation of this industry is similar in both countries. Over half of Britons answered that they would not use CBD and 47% of USA participants agreed. With only a 2.9% difference in negative perceptions of CBD products, the data suggests that the change for this industry comes from wider understanding and progressive change.

A percentage of British consumers held positive perceptions of the industry and with developing policies in the UK, it seems that there could be a further expansion for this industry. Although the UK has a long way to go in legalizing the product, the growing awareness and lower negative perceptions of cannabinoids suggests that the UK has a future with the cannabis industry.



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