New Mental Health Podcast Wants To Help People Improve Their Lives

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Robbie Williams is just one of the famous people who has recently spoken out about their mental health. The 47-year-old singer reflected on his mental health battles while being part of one of the world’s most famous bands; Take That.

He discussed how he faced serious mental health battles which included depression, and anxiety at the young age of 16. The 18-time Brit Award winner spoke out to help other people to come forward and talk about their mental health struggles.


‘I hated myself’: Robbie Williams admits he felt guilty for suffering with depression and anxiety after being given a ‘golden ticket’ into Take That.


According to a recent report, 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from mental health issues. In the USA 1 in 5 people suffer from mental health issues each year. Sadly, in 2019 there were 5,691 registered deaths by suicide in England and Wales. This means around 18 people died of suicide each day in the UK. In the USA in the same time period there were 48,344 recorded suicides, showing more needs to be done to tackle the serious mental health problems around the world.

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Yasmin Elzomor, a certified relationship coach, spiritual mentor, and speaker

One person who is trying to get people to talk about their mental health is Yasmin Elzomor, a certified relationship coach, spiritual mentor, and speaker.

She is on a mission is to help others turn their pain into power and inspire them to fearlessly live a life of freedom. To help with her mission she has started a podcast called Humanity Feels which aims to tackle mental health issues.

We sat down with Yasmin Elzomor to learn more about her mental health podcast, this is what she had to say.


You have started a podcast; can you tell me more about it?

Yes! My podcast is called Humanity Feels and it’s all about personal development, spirituality, relationships and all the things that make us human. It’s a space where healing and conscious conversations happen

Why did you feel it was important to start a podcast on mental health?

I always wanted to start a podcast, but I was afraid of taking the plunge and I dealt with a lot of imposter syndrome. After the pandemic hit last year, I realized how many people needed support including myself. With the amount of loneliness that we all felt and continue to feel, I knew this would be the perfect time to launch my podcast and help others feel seen and heard. I wanted to create a space where people can truly connect on a deeper level, and I also knew that it would be a great idea to host other guests so we can all make a difference together. Community is really important to me and that’s how we heal as a collective.


Have you personally suffered from any mental health issues?

Yes, I grew up feeling a lot of anxiety as a child and after my first spiritual awakening, I experienced depression. I felt so lost and confused, I didn’t have the proper tools to help myself cope because I didn’t learn any as a child, so I had to re-parent and teach myself to tap into my inner power. Because of this, I want to help others tap into their inner power too.


It has only been in recent years that mental health has become more talked about, why do you think that is?

Humanity is so disconnected. We are connected technologically but on a human level, we are disconnected from each other, from nature, from Source/God. Humans were meant to live in community, in nature, connected to our inner guidance and power. Modern day society is stressful, and we are constantly being bombarded with artificial lights, unhealthy food supply, imbalanced circadian rhythms and too much social media. We are all connected, and we all come from the same source which means that we all feel each other deeply whether we’re conscious of it or not.

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There was a headline recently that said Aston Merrygold has blasted Liam Payne for blaming his mental health issues on being in One Direction. I am not sure if you have read the article, but do you think it is fair that Liam Payne is blaming his mental health problems on being a member of one of the most successful bands in history, and which has made him a multi-millionaire?

It’s funny how we think that celebrities are these gods that should be perfect human beings and that shouldn’t have any issues. We idealize them and put them on pedestals. Celebrities struggle just as much as any other person does, and honestly, they struggle more because of the pressure to keep a happy face on for their audience. They’re human and they also experience anxiety, depression and burnout. They also need support and if that means dropping out of a successful band and leaving behind that old identity, then so be it!


What type of topics are you going to be covering in your Podcast?

I’m going to be covering a wide range of topics such as mental health issues, relationships and sex from a spiritual perspective, healing modalities, personal development and how to step into your power.


Mental health is such a serious and important issue, do you believe by listening to your podcast it can help people who are suffering?

Yes absolutely! I agree that mental health is serious and really important. By talking about these topics on my podcast and shedding light on the darkness, we can learn to integrate these shadow parts of ourselves and difficult emotions into our identity. Listening to the podcast will also create a community feeling and will help others feel seen. It’s easy to feel lonely when we’re experiencing a challenging time or experiencing depression and anxiety, so it’s nice to have a platform that you can go to so you can feel supported and nourished.

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Prince Harry, Katy Perry and Dwayne Johnson have all come forward to talk about their mental health problems, how important is it for celebrities to share their own experiences?

I think it’s important because it shows us that we aren’t alone. It shows us that even the people we idolize suffer from their own mental health issues and have their own problems to deal with. It helps us see the bigger picture and gives us hope to keep fighting the good fight.


The number of people suffering from Anxiety, depression and mental health problems has increased due to the COVID pandemic, do you think this has put a strain on professional health services?

Mental health problems are another pandemic! Yes, I think it’s hard for mental health professionals because we also need a break, so we don’t burnout! But I also think that there are so many more resources now online that people can find so they can help themselves. The internet is a wonderful thing, you can find anything on their nowadays especially in relation to mental health.


What type of guests will you be having on your podcast?

I’ll be having coaches, leaders, spiritual entrepreneurs, therapists, psychologists and people who are making a difference and serving humanity


Prince Harry has come under fire for blaming the media over his mental health issues while giving interviews to Oprah Winfrey. Some people who suffer from mental health as well as mental health experts have called Prince Harry a hypocrite, and is doing nothing to promote the seriousness of the issue, what is your opinion?

I think Prince Harry could absolutely use his platform to help others. It’s also important to have compassion because he might still be uncomfortable about openly speaking about his mental health issues. It requires a lot of courage and bravery to be open and honest about your experience so he might still be learning how to share his mental health issues with the world.


Talking of families and mental health, telling family members about how a person is suffering is one of the hardest things a person can do. What advice would you give to someone who wants to share their struggles with their family?

Sharing your mental health struggles with family can be challenging because there’s always a fear of being a “burden” to others or just not being fully seen, supported and accepted. However, in order to build trust with our loved ones and in order to begin our healing process, we have to be willing to take that scary plunge and share what we are feeling so we can receive the necessary support. Even if those around you don’t fully understand, just know that your feelings are still very valid and that there are so many other people that are suffering and experiencing similar things.


If someone believes they are suffering from mental health problems, what should be their first step?

Acceptance is always the first step. It also happens to be the most difficult step in my opinion. When you surrender and accept what you’re experiencing, it’ll be easier to get help. Healing is a process that requires time and patience, we have to be willing to stay the course and commit to the path.


Male suicide is a serious problem. Recent reports revealed that more men commit suicide than women, why do you think that is?

Unfortunately, men were programmed to feel like having mental health issues equates to being weak and powerless. They also don’t have as many resources where they can talk openly about these things so it’s harder for men to deal with depression and anxiety. I think they also feel like they have to be strong for others because of that wounded masculine belief.


Are there signs that people should look for if they believe a family member is struggling with depression?

There could be so many signs but some of the major signs would be feeling sad constantly, lack of interest and motivation in life, thoughts of suicide, loss of appetite and insomnia.


What would you like to see happen around the world to help combat mental health problems?

I would love to see more communities around mental health. I think the more we get together and the more we shed light on these taboo topics, the more humanity will evolve and flourish. Life is about connection and presence, if we can all step into our own power and help one another, life could be a much better place.

Humanity Feels can be download from Apple Podcasts.