Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Local Doctors Do Not Take Obesity Serious Says In2town Magazine

In2Town Says GP’s Need To Show Overweight Patients Respect

With the obesity problem in the UK reaching record numbers, you would have thought that your local GP would be very helpful and help you to lose weight, wrong.

Obesity in the UKObesity in the UK has become such a serious problem, we are now known as the obesity capital of Europe. According to some health experts, the problem will continue to grow unless something is done and done now.

‘Some GP’s Are Not Helping Overweight Patients To Lose Weight’

The NHS are currently spending around £5billion a year on obesity related illnesses. This amount could be saved if more doctors were trained to deal with obesity and took the problem seriously.

Not the case according to our research. We decided to send our Health Magazine reporters out on the street to find out if local Doctors are taking the obesity problem serious, the results were shocking.

We asked 100 people who were overweight if they felt their GP took their problem with being overweight seriously and if they received the help they expected. Sadly the majority said they felt let down by their doctors.

77% of the people we spoke to said they received no or little help from their GP. The majority of the 77% said they were simply given a diet sheet and then another diet sheet to help them to lose weight.

Only 23% said their local GP helped them with their obesity problem. This included being given weight loss tablets, being refereed to a weight loss consultant, fitness trainer as well as being sent for tests.

It is not all bad news. We found that doctors under the age of 40 were more understanding, and took the obesity problem serious. So, the future could be bright with the younger doctors being more helpful compared to the older doctors who on average in 15 years will retire.

It seems that GP’s need better understanding of the obesity problem in the UK.


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