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North East Lincolnshire Petrol Shortage Bin Collection Update

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  • Bin Collections in North East Lincolnshire not affected by petrol shortage

North East Lincolnshire has said that those living in North East Lincolnshire including Grimsby, Cleethorpes, and Immingham, do not have to worry about their bins being emptied during the petrol shortage crisis.

While other councils around the country have been forced to cancel some of their bin collection services, North East Lincolnshire has not been affected.

A spokesman for North East Lincolnshire Council has said bin collections will continue as normal.

Some petrol stations around North East Lincolnshire have been forced to bring in a limit on the amount of petrol motorists can buy. That limit currently stands at £30 per car.

Many petrol stations have been forced to close until they receive new petrol supplies.

Some MPs have called for Boris Johnson to prioritise fuel for care workers, NHs, and emergency service workers to ensure they can continue doing their job.

The government has temporarily suspended the competition laws to allow the industry to share information on which areas are running low.

300 Army personnel have been put on standby, where they could be called upon to deliver petrol to areas that need it the most.

While Boris Johnson believes the situation is getting better, some experts have predicted the problem will continue until late November.


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